Hip-Hop Quest

Ambitious Literature is an online affiliate bookstore that promotes Only Hip-Hop books. Ambitious Literature seeks to not only be a bookstore, but a resource hub for Hip-Hop intellectualism.

In addition to the vast selection of over 500 Hip-Hop literature titles, there are two more sections titled Hip-Hop Classroom and Hip-Hop Education, that seek to embrace and celebrate Hip-Hop intellectualism.

Hip-Hop Classroom, is a collection of lectures, speakers, teachers, scholars, and Ted talks that explore various thought provoking and insightlful topics in Hip-Hop intellectualism.

Hip-Hop Education, is a collection of artilces, research papers, and disserations on various intellectual Hip-Hop topics.

The overall goal of Ambitious Literature is to push Hip-Hop intellectualism foward, and showcase the many feats of literature that may have been swept under the rug, due to the under saturation of consicous intellectual Hip-Hop.