This Game of Hip-Hop Artist Management: The Success Attitude

(Author) Walt F.J. Goodridge

This book is part of The Integrated Life™ Hip Hop Entrepreneur series. THE CONCEPT: "In the pursuit of economic survival, bodily sustenance and social acceptance, people often (1) disregard their passion in order to focus on a practical career, (2) allow their diet to undermine their health, and (3) deny their sexual and gender wiring in order to conform to societal concepts of relationship. Therein lies the majority of unhappiness in our modern life." The solution is to live the integrated life! Take the Integrated Life™ online test at and discover how integrated these areas of your life are! Then, read the book to learn what to do about it! ebook version available at Managing a Rap artist is a lot different than managing a rock, or even R&B artist. Therefore, along with all the technical knowledge of what needs to be done which you can find in this and other books on management, This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management can provide you with specific advice on how to manage a Rap act given the reality of the music industry, and in American society. A lot of this advice has been extracted from interviews with individuals in the music industry who are actively and successfully playing the game you wish to play. This book was written, therefore, for those individuals who have read other books on management and felt that these books weren't really speaking to them, or that something was missing even though they couldn't quite figure out what it was.


Walt F.J. Goodridge




Formats: Paperback
Published: March 23, 2010
ISBN-10: 0974531332
ISBN-13: 978-0974531335