Chance the Rapper: Hip-Hop Artist

(Author) Heather Moore Niver

Chancellor Bennett's blazing rise to fame has made history, not only for its speed, but also in its unconventional path. Readers will learn about the childhood of the young man who would one day become Chance the Rapper. Frank but appropriate text tells the tale of a young rapper who got into trouble with drugs, but was able to turn his life around. Chance the Rapper went on to have a family and change history with his unique and memorable albums called mixtapes. Supplemented by color photographs and inspiring quotes, his story of music, family, and charity will remind readers to follow their hearts and make a positive difference in the world.


Heather Moore Niver


$11.99 - $21.99


Formats: Paperback, Library Binding
Published: August 15, 2018
ISBN-10: 0766097161
ISBN-13: 978-0766097162