The Hip-Hop Chess Master

(Author) Roland P. Taylor

My intention in writing The Hip-Hop Chess Master is to show children and people of all ages and ethnicities that following your passion(s) does not mean that you must abandon other areas of interest or talents you may possess or conform to the perceptions of others. It is entirely plausible for these talents/gifts/passions to happily coexist, thrive, and flourish together. This story is as much for the "nerd" chess player, band member, and school safety officer as it is for the "cool" kids and jocks. And in many cases, they are both! Please enjoy this book with an open mind and an open heart. Encourage everyone you encounter, or have the opportunity to influence, to be the best and to always, above anything else, be true to who they are. Now, you can experience music from the book including the tracks "Checkmate" and "Lunchroom Battle". Just visit https: //


Roland P. Taylor


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Formats: Kindle, Paperback
Published: February 2, 2017
ISBN-10: 1684091055
ISBN-13: 978-1684091058