Hip-Hop Dog

(Author) Chris Raschka, (Illustrator) Vladimir Radunsky

From top dogs Chis Raschka and Vladimir Radunsky comes an uplifting tale of canine self-reliance told in acrobatic, infectious rhyme. I'm the zoom-est and the boom-est, spread no gloom-est, say no doom-est. I'm the top-est, never stop-est, Boston Pop-est, be be bop-est. I'm the jazz-est, razzmatazz-est, dazzle dazz-est, most pizzazz-est. Think I kinda like it as the Hip Hop Dog. In an empowering story of an underdog who finds his voice and sense of self-worth through music, here is one hip dog who starts out as a dejected mutt but finds his groove—and his place in the world—through hip hop.


Chris Raschka, (Illustrator) Vladimir Radunsky


$11.99 - $21.99


Formats: Hardcover
Published: February 23, 2010
ISBN-10: 0061239631
ISBN-13: 978-0061239632