The Hip-Hop Rabbit

(Author) O.T. Williams

In O. T. Williams’ fully illustrated debut The Hip Hop Rabbit, readers are introduced to the urban jungle, which looks a little more pastoral than one might expect. Here a young rabbit named H. P., who has earned his limp, dashes and darts through the streets beside an elementary school so that he can keep an eye on the cool kids and hip, hip, hop to the whip-thumping beat of his own drum. When H. P. befriends fifth-grader Destiny, a little girl with a big heart, the two are unstoppable. As proof that great minds think alike no matter how different they might approach the world, H.P. and Destiny take on an issue that will save their district millions of dollars. With a study guide to help teachers and caregivers make the most of this exciting fable, this book offers something unique. Here is where an author creates characters that feel real in a place that many readers will know. Here is life in the big city, and here too, is magic and friendship enough for all.


O.T. Williams


$11.99 - $21.99


Formats: Paperback
Published: January 29, 2010
ISBN-10: 1439252157
ISBN-13: 978-1439252154