From Bomba to Hip-Hop: Puerto Rican Culture and Latino Identity

(Author) Juan Flores

Neither immigrants nor ethnics, neither foreign nor "hyphenated Americans" in the usual sense of that term, Puerto Ricans in New York have created a distinct identity both on the island of Puerto Rico and in the cultural landscape of the United States. Juan Flores considers the uniqueness of Puerto Rican culture and identity in relation to that of other Latino groups in the United States―as well as to other minority groups, especially African Americans. Architecture and urban space, literary traditions, musical styles, and cultural movements provide some of the sites and moments of a cultural world defined by the interplay of continuity and transformation, heritage and innovation, roots and fusion. Exploring this wide range of cultural expression―both in the diaspora and in Puerto Rico―Flores highlights the rich complexities and fertile contradictions of Latino identity.


Juan Flores


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Formats: Harcover, Paperback
Published: May 15, 2000
ISBN-10: 0231110774
ISBN-13: 978-0231110778