Lil Wayne: An Unauthorized Biography

(Author) Jake Brown, (Editor) Tony Rose, (Editor) Yvonne Shackleford

Lil Wayne (An Unauthorized Biography) is an in-depth - tell all about the making and building of Cash Money Records, Southern rap and the biggest rap superstar in the universe who served a prison term at the height of his career and successfully released a hit album and videos while inside. Lil Wayne (An Unauthorized Biography) is an in-depth study of the rap star / music mogul s rise to fame, from his childhood to his becoming one of the most unstoppable, most pragmatic, most creative music personalities of the twenty-first century. He is a multiplatinum-selling - multi-multi-multimillionaire - money making - multi Grammy Award winning rap superstar. Just months ahead of his incarceration, Wayne had been on a whirlwind of touring, helping to launch the rising stars of his Young Money Records signees Drake and Nicki Manaj, and touring non-stop. That when word finally came down relative to his now infamous New York City illegal gun possession charge with the facts seeming fairly cut and dry Wayne opted to cut his losses and plead guilty to the charge. Even while incarcerated, he rallied his Young Money Records crew, to carry the torch and bang out hit records in his absence. Lil Wayne(An Unauthorized Biography) chapters include: The Rise of Cash Money Records; ;The making of Tha Carter I, II and Superstardom; Family and Fatherhood and The Masters of Reinvention: the Second Coming of Cash Money and I am Not A Human Being. As Lil Wayne states when asked to describe himself, I m a Martian. I like to be different. And what s more different than a Martian? Lil Wayne (An Unauthorized Biography) is a remarkable story that incorporates Lil Wayne's ingenious passion for music. According to MTV, Wayne has hit a whole new stratosphere. He s evolved into one of the top-tier playas in his field, truly on another planet with a chosen few. Drake was clearly inspired by Lil Wayne s example, when he said I don t think there will ever be anybody like Lil Wayne ever again in hip-hop. He paralyzes a room when he walks into it his wordplay, the excitement that he brings to his music. We all will have to work a lot harder to keep hip-hop as exciting as Lil Wayne has made it .


Jake Brown, (Editor) Tony Rose, (Editor) Yvonne Shackleford


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Formats: Kindle, Paperback
Published: June 1, 2011
ISBN-10: 0982492235
ISBN-13: 978-0982492239