Illegal: A Hip-Hop Tale

(Author) N G Young

This is a book they don't want you to read. Be careful because its subject is now illegal. This force is feared by the evil men of this world. Be careful because to speak of these things is now illegal. You have picked up a book that speaks of things that once were, that now is not, and yet millions now fight to have once again. Be careful because these things are now illegal. This will sound like heresy for those who don't understand, blasphemy to those who think they do, but it will serve as confirmation to those who have lived and died for it. What is it? Common rapped how he used to love "H.E.R." Lupe Fiasco said it saved his life. Naughty by Nature made us shout hooray for it. Why is it illegal? Because it has the power to change your mind. This is Hip-hop. Those who dare embrace this force are called true Hip-hoppas. Be careful because to let these words leave your lips is illegal and so are you! This calls for a mind with wisdom. Read if you dare.


N G Young


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Formats: Kindle, Paperback
Published: December 12, 2017
ISBN-10: 1640826718
ISBN-13: 978-1640826717