Ready For Love: A Hip-Hop Fairytale

(Author) Carmen Lashay

20-year-old India Jenkins aka Indy is a bookworm who lives a very sheltered life. With a stripper/prostitute as a mother, and crackhead as a father, she is determined to lead by example and make a better way for her and her sister Tiffany. However, when Tiffany decides that the fast life is for her, it forces India to choose between sacrificing everything to save her sister and saving herself. At 18 Tiffany is only worried about living fast, with no intentions on slowing down. Having come from the bottom she instilled it in her mind to never go without, by any means necessary. They say good things come to end. Will that ring true for Tiffany? Will the new world she found herself in the center of come crashing down around her? Julian Santiago known to the streets as Legend is a retired street king, these days he is content with being the hottest producer in Atlanta and having the best studio in town. His world takes a shift when the Empire he handed over to his best friend, Case, is threatened. Returning from retirement means something to everyone around Julian, whether that be good or bad is the question. If the allure of the streets wasn’t already sucking him back into the life he escaped, add the attraction a beautiful woman. A chance encounter with Tiffany has him questioning if his heart ready for love again or is this just another fling that comes with being who he is. When their two worlds collide, they form new bonds as well as new enemies. Follow them on their journey as they test the boundaries of love friendship, and family in this heart-stopping drama, to find out are if they are really READY FOR LOVE and all that it entails.


Carmen Lashay



Formats: Paperback
Published: June 23, 2017
ISBN-10: 1548369365
ISBN-13: 978-1548369361