STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage

(Author) Randy Kearse

Street Talk: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage is the first authentic slang language lexicon that interprets the urban slang dialect. Over 10,000 enteries, you will find the word, term or metaphor followed by information from it's origin to contextual examples. Randy Kearse proves that he has his on urban street culture with the Street Talk's 700 pages, 10,000 entries, this unique dictionary simplifies the complex hip-hop slang vernacular. What makes this dictionary so unique is, though gritty, it doesn't have entries that disrespect woman by referring to them as 'b' nor does it have entries that include the 'n' word. Randy Kearse should be comended for the job he has done. Street Talk documents the intricate way that people communicate throughtout the hip-hop and urban culture. Street Talk should be called Webster's cool cousin.


Randy Kearse


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Formats: Kindle, Paperback
Published: June 2, 2011
ASIN: B005410GZO